The Professional Educators’ Union will be hosting the Executive Board ( EB) meeting of the Association of Non-aligned Teachers Unions of Southern Africa (ANTUSA) in Pretoria on Saturday, 17 February 2019. The EB is constituted by Presidents of affiliates Unions, namely, The Botswana Sectors Educators Trade Union (BOSETU), the Basic Education Teachers Union of Zambia (BETUZ), the Lesotho Teachers Trade Union (LTTU), the Teachers Union of Namibia, the Progressive Teacher’s Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ), Union of Private Secondary Schools Educators ( UPSSE) of Mauritius and of course PEU, which holds the Presidency of the Association, under President Malose Kutumela.

The EB is the Association ‘s implementing structure in between General Council meetings, held annually on rotational basis. Members of EB are also heads of various Committees, amongst others, the Sports Committee, Research and Publication Committee, Finance Committee, which generate programmes and agendas , whose express purpose is to take ANTUSA beyond Games.

The meeting will, among other issues on the agenda, consolidate resolutions taken by various Committees and also reaceive the final report on preparations for 12th Edition of Annual ANTUSA Games, to be hosted by LTTU in Maseru Lesotho, during the coming Easter Weekend.

Right from its inception at the Kabwe Conference,in 2007, Zambia ,ANTUSA had proven to be an impetus that galvanized teachers in the SADC Region into a common agenda, wherein they demonstrate and share their expertise in games and cultural activities, with BOSETU always sweeping the boards during Cultural Evenings, with their dazzling and mesmerizing Setswana dance, which inextricably captivates the audience. The Association has since instilled in our teachers, the spirit of African camaraderie and solidarity, and had literally dismantled the artificial colonial boundaries separating our diaspora . It is indeed through ANTUSA that the distance amongst African countries have been significantly narrowed and that our teachers have come to realise that challenges facing them in education cut across.

Should things go according to plan, the EB will meet with Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga and DG, Mweli Matanzima, during the National Teaching Awards (NTA) ceremony in Sandton, also organized for this coming Saturday afternoon. The visit to the ceremony will further provide a golden opportunity for member affiliates, to benchmark on the good gesture and practice by South Africa, in honoring and giving due recognition to her teachers who go beyond the call of duty in their selfless service as workers of the mind and torch- bearers in their respective communities. South Africa has indeed , through the NTA,finally ascribed to an old-age that a county that values its teachers love its future.

Preliminary reports have given indications that all affiliates are rearing to go for Maseru, with PEU always taking a lead in registering a large number of delegates through and through.For PEU, like Mass Rallies, ANTUSA serves as a platform to meet with her veterans and stalwarts, who have graciously embraced the Association as their second religion.

Issued by Ben Machipi

PEU Generally Secretary
079 515 1165

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