The National Extravaganza, staged at the Kimberley Technical High School over the past weekend was a resounding success in all respects, with an electrifying atmosphere generated by exuberating energy from the highly spirited and vociferous PEU faithfuls, which had become a cherry on top.

Thanks to Cde Guilty and his wonderful SAC team, for the good work well-done and perfectly executed, indeed, nothing can beat teamwork. Keep it up guys!

Thanks to the Local Organizing Committee, under the tutelage of Cde Nthabiseng Moleko, who worked around the clock to ensure that all logistics were put in place. Keep it up Cdes.

Thanks also go to NEC members, who had a 90% attendance to the activity, which had undoubtedly contributed to the success of the activity, as our presence imbued our members to perform optionally in front of their Leadership.

How can one forget about you, MaPEU Amahle, for making sure that we have something to write home about, as Leadership.

A big up to all our participants in various activities that were staged throughout the day, as you continue to showcase your God-given talents.

Congratulations go to all who have been selected to form part of various sporting codes, for our National Teams, for next year ‘s ANTUSA Games. May I be quick to remind those who shall be part of the soccer team, about the plea from our President, namely, to come back with a trophy, just for a change.

Many thanks to our foot-solders, the SSEs, NR and IT Officer, for being enablers and sweepers, as they remained equal to the task, by endlessly running on errands throughout the weekend. We really feel indebted for everything you did for our members, and really feel that words alone will never be enough to mirror the unparalleled work rate depicted, throughout the event.

Above-all, PEU was an overall winner at the end of the day.

Thanks and praises to the Almighty, for all travel mercies on our roads until we reached our various destination.

Maun 2023, here we come!, May we start now to make preparations for this August Occasion in our calendar.

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