ECD Migration to DBE

The Professional Educators Union (PEU) welcomes the migration of ECD from Social Development to DBE as correct move in the right direction. Comparative Studies on Education Systems, Education Experts and Psychologists always maintained that the early stages of learning in the life of a child are crucial, as they form a foundation of the learning process in
the life of the child.

The Grade 12 results that we always benchmark the efficiency of our education system are premised on the foundation the child received during his/ her conceptual years of learning.

SA has for a long time taken ECD for granted and left it to Practitioners, some with no formal qualifications, to take care of this crucial stage of our Education System.

PEU holds a firm view that the migration will serve as a game-changer to our Education System, as our children will now be taught by individuals with formal and relevant qualifications and be subjected regular training on dictatorial methodology of dealing with the child.

We therefore take today handover as a culmination of behind-the-scenes processes, leading to the migration and we shall allow the two Departments a space to finalise the process.

PEU is however overly concerned with the much-needed capacity by DBE, to deal with the demands that come with ECD and to carry an additional load on their shoulders, amidst current challenges of overcrowding, shortage of teachers, feeding schemes, and the list is not exhaustive.

The Department of Social Development had made remarkable strides in turning the ECD and fully established relationships with reputable donors, and the spinoff are visible all to see in our communities, as ECD Centres are providing children with decent and nutritious meals on daily bases, learning facilities and regular monthly stipends given to Practitioners.

It is our wish, hope and desire as PEU to see all the good things done by Social Department, to be continued, maintained, as well as building our success around that, even after the migration process.

We thus declare our availability and support in working closely with DBE, to ensure that the move bears the so much aspired intended fruits, for the sole intention of ensuring that our Education System is built on a solid foundation.

For and on behalf of The Professional Educators’ Union,
Yours truly
Ben Machipi
General Secretary
Cell Number :079 515 1165

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